Is the Ranger Pack waterproof?


The Ranger Pack is not waterproof, but it is designed for adventure and everything that comes with it so it is OK to get your dog backpack wet. Water will not damage or harm the pack. 

We recommend that if you have water-sensitive items you plan on placing in the pack like a cell phone, place them inside a waterproof pouch and place them inside the Ranger Pack. 

You may also use a topical waterproofing agent like Scotchguard to add water resistance to the canvas shell.

What should I pack in my dog’s backpack?


We reccommend using your dog's backpack to carry water (either in a bottle or bladder), a collapsible dog bowl, dog food or treats for longer hikes or overnight trips, pet waste pick-up bags, first aid kit, sunscreen, misc small items like car keys, phones, ect.

What are the benefits of dog backpacks?


Backpacks are a great way to give your dog a job that they will enjoy which helps promote positive behavior, focus, and happiness for pups. Dog backpacks are also a great way to provide a workout for your pup to help build muscle and strength.

Additionally, dog backpacks carry important essentials your dog may need during backpacking adventures so you never leave important items like water, food, or first aid kits behind. Making it easier to trek further and worry less.