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Camp Bowl

Camp Bowl



This collapsible dog bowl is perfect for feeding or hydrating your dog on the go, the compact and lightweight Camp Bowl easily fits in pockets for convenient storage. Created with a waterproof liner and functional snaps to create a bowl wherever adventure takes you. 


∙ Lightweight, packable design

∙ Collapses flat for easy storage

∙ Waterproof liner

∙ Genuine leather trim

∙ 9.5" in diameter



frequently asked questions

What is a collapsible dog bowl? 

A collapsible dog bowl is roughly the same as your dog's normal bowl they use at home for food and water except this portable bowl can be easily taken with you on the go. 

Our collapsible dog bowl folds completely flat and is made from a flexible and durable canvas so it can be folded for easy and convenient packing. The bowl can be either a collapsible dog water bowl made with a waterproof lining to prevent leaks or a collapsible dog food bowl for food with camping, road trips, or anywhere you need a portable dog bowl. 


How does the portable bowl work? 

Simply snap together the four corners of the portable dog bowl with the black waterproof liner side facing up and the canvas side down. Finally, you can fill the collapsible dog bowl with either food or water for your dog to enjoy. 

When you are done using the bowl, unsnap the corners to the portable bowl so that it is completely flat, and fold to store inside the Ranger dog backpack or your pocket. 


How do I clean the Camp bowl?  

Our collapsable dog bowl is easy to clean, simply throw it in the washing machine and dryer and it's ready for your next adventure! 


How should I use the Camp bowl? 

A travel-friendly dog bowl is an essential item for any dog owner. Whether you are hiking, on a road trip, or commuting with your dog to work the collapsible dog bowl helps keep your dog happy and hydrated throughout the day. 


Although your dog is not likely to get hungry on a walk, your pup is sure to need plenty of drinking water, especially on hot days, or if you stop to play. 


With trail-tough canvas and its foldable lightweight design, the Camp blow is the perfect collapsable dog water bowl for hiking. We recommend packing two water bottles in the Ranger Pack so your dog has plenty of water during your hike. 


The Camp bowl was designed especially for camping trips with dual-use for both food and water, perfect for overnight adventures. 

Packing light is important which is what makes this portable bowl so perfect, at only 2 oz the Camp bowl won't weigh you down on the trail. 

Road Trips 

I think we can all agree that road trips are better with dogs, so we love how easily collapsible dog bowls make traveling with your dog. Perfect for quick water or food break at rest stops, and conveniently stashes into your passenger seat pocket for easy stowing. 


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