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How do you put the Ranger Pack on your dog? 

For the perfect fit watch our step-by-step video for putting your dog hiking backpack on your pup.

  1. Adjust dog harness size by moving the plastic adjusters to the desired size. Once the size is correct, attach any excess strapping to the harness straps with the velcro binder. 

  2. Place the front of the harness over your dogs head and loop the front belly strap through the front chest strap and buckle securely on the other side. Continue to buckle the rear belly strap. 

Watch video ⟶


What do I put in my dogs Ranger Pack? 

Just about anything - as long as the total weight of the items in the dog backpack are not greater than 25% of your dogs weight. For example, if your dog weighs 50 lbs they should carry no more than 12.5 lbs. We recommend starting with less weight and working your dog up to heavier weights. Weight should be distributed evenly between the two packs to keep the pack balanced. 

Our favorite things to carry in the Range Pack are: 

  • Water

  • A collapsible dog bowl like the Camp Bowl

  • Pet waste pick up bags

  • Food for longer hikes or overnight trips 

  • Keys, Phone, Chapstick, Maps, sunscreen

  • First aid kit

 Check out daily carry photos from our customers on instagram for even more ideas.


Is the Ranger Pack waterproof? 

Although the Range Pack is not waterproof, it is safe to get it wet. It was designed for adventure and everything that comes with including river crossings or a downpour while on the trail. 

If your dog is carrying items that are sensitive to water we recommend placing them inside a waterproof bag and then placing them inside the pack. 


Can the Scout Leash we worn around the waist? 

Yes! The multi-way Scout Leash was designed with the flexibility to use as both hand held or hands-free with a simple adjustment. To wear around your waist simply adjust the length of the handle so that it fits around your waist and use the buckle to clip around your waist.

See video  ⟶ 


How do I adjust my Scout Leash? 

This multi-way dog leash can be adjusted in two ways: 

  1. Adjust leash length to make longer for more room to roam or shorten the lead for training or high traffic areas where you want more control. 

  2. Adjust from hand held to hands-free by adjusting the handle until it is wide enough to fit around your waist.