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Adventure Dog Series: @Thefastnfurriest

Posted by Brittney Bowles on

Meet Molly Dombroski, recent college graduate, photographer, and the adventure loving human behind the adventure dog duo Mylo & Summit of @thefastnfurriest. We sat down with Molly to find out how she got started hiking with her dogs and what her secrets are for capturing the perfect adventure photos for Instagram. 


Tell us a little more about the pups and how they came into your life.

Mylo is a 3 year old APBT mix I rescued from a local humane society while at school at Auburn University. Summit is a one year old Siberian Husky - I got from a breeder near my school.

Where do you live? 

We live in Hoboken, NJ!  We absolutely love living there but enjoy escaping the city life to adventure in the mountains whenever possible. 

What made you create your @thefastnfurriest Instagram account? 

I originally started my account as a joke for my friends to see Mylo!


dogs hiking with dog collar

Mylo & Summit wear the Scout Collar 

How did you get into photography? 

I picked up my moms old camera one day to take some funny Christmas pics of Mylo and I couldn't put it down after that!


What kind of camera do you use? 

I shoot with a Sony a7iii, which I absolutely adore.  I use lightroom and occasionally photoshop to edit my photos. 

Are Mylo and Summit naturally that photogenic or are they trained to pose for the camera?  

Summit is naturally photogenic, however, I did train him to "focus" on the camera.  Mylo just does his own thing and I try to capture him as best I can!
Focus is when Summit makes and keeps eye contact with me. I taught him this by rewarding him for eye contact repeatedly and the extending the time the contact was held for.

Where is your favorite place to hike with the dogs?

Our favorite adventure spot has to be Roan Mountain so far!


 adventure dog brothers fastnfurriest

How are Mylo and Summits personalities different?  

Mylo is all about getting human love. Summit is very aloof and only cares about loving on Mylo. 


What do Mylo and Summit eat? 

Both of them are fed raw. For treats I love to use Ruff Bar they are their absolute favorite. 

What’s your favorite dog gear for adventuring/hiking/camping with the pups? 

My favorite gear is Ruff Bar treats to keep the boys motivated to listen, Sloppy Chops Co leashes which are perfect for whipping out if needed on adventures, Moose Wears Bandanas because they are hecking cute!

 dogs hiking with dog backpacks in the forrest

Mylo & Summit wear the Ranger Dog Backpack

What do Mylo + Summit carry in their Ranger Packs?

They carry their own treats, a water bowl, and sometimes bandanas, ect in their dog backpacks!

Do the pups have any guilty pleasures? 

SUMMIT EATS POOP! EWWW!  Mylo loves to ignore me and sleep in all morning. 

Who are you inspired by? 

There are countless amazing accounts on here but some of my favorite photography has to be @nemoccr and @thenorthernwild 


dogs running on hiking trail with backpack


What's next for you? 

I am hoping to move to CO so I can explore the west coast and get experience all the adventures the area has to offer. I also have some family out there!

Where can people find out more about you?

We are mostly only on our instagram @thefastnfurriest.  However, we do sell presets on Etsy, our link is in our bio!


dog wearing flower crown


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