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Our Story

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The story began in 2016 when we adopted a shelter pup into our family named Ralphie.  
For us, being a dog owner was all about adventure and exploration - so we began searching for outdoor dog gear that made exploring with our pup easier and more enjoyable.  
We started with buying him a dog backpack for hikes, but nothing could withstand more than a couple of trips before falling apart. There was also nothing that fit his adventure-seeking personality, so we decided to create one specially for him. So many people stopped us on the trail to ask about our unique pack that we decided to share them with others. 
Our Ranger Pack is now enjoyed by adventure dogs in different elements around the world from the Swiss Alps to Brazil and Siberia.
After the initial success of the Ranger Pack launch, we are working harder than ever to bring more quality dog products for camping and adventure to you and your furry friends including dog leashes, dog collars, and harnesses. The journey has just begun!
Jeff + Brittney
Co-Founders Wolf Republic